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Joel Gott 2014 Pinot Gris Willamette Valley

Hello everyone! So I sell cab all friggin day at is work, so for this post I wanted something different from the ol’ cabernet/sauv blanc/chard variety. I also was looking for something a little exotic and since I hardly ever experience wine from Oregon, Joel Gott’s Pinot Gris from 2014 looked like a great fit.

This Pinot Gris (pronounced gree, AKA Pinot Grigio) was very pungent in a nice kind of way. It actually reminded me a little bit of lemon zest without being overbearing. It wasn’t overly fruity, which was kind of refreshing and different. Long story short, this one was a winner. For about $17 I got a wine that impressed my friends while we snacked on cookies, brownies and buffalo chicken (so much for that New Year’s resolution to lose weight). Definitely keep your eyes peeled for this one, especially if you are value-conscious. I found it at raleys and I’m sure you could likely find it at your local grocery store or Total Wine if you live on one of the coasts.

Going forward I will be doing continual research to find out the best values in wine for you dear readers in addition to writing about the wineries and lifestyle of Napa and the surrounding areas. I’ll give reviews about wines from different price points but I like to focus on ones around the $15 mark, so that’ll be fun. Oh no, I have to research wine! Whatever shall I do??? 😉

I give this wine an 8.3 out of 10.0 on Stuart’s Wine Scale.

1 comment on “Joel Gott 2014 Pinot Gris Willamette Valley

  1. I’d try the Pinot Gris. Also, my new year’s resolution was to eat more donuts.

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