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Visit to Matchbook Wines!

Hey wine drinkers! Since I am somewhat of a masochist and for some reason love being in bitterly cold water, I decided that I would go wakeskating (my hobby/mistress to wine) only a couple weeks away from winter. For a side-jaunt I decided to visit a nearby winery called Matchbook Wines-a fun and unique little winery out in the Dunnigan Hills of northern California. I’ll be honest, it is a bit of a drive. But if you’ve got the itch for some little known but quality wine this is the place to be.

I had known about Matchbook Wines but didn’t know they were a California winery until I discovered them on a little card I had come across listing the wineries of Yolo County (yes it is a real place and their public transportation is the Yolo bus!). Since Matchbook was only a few minutes away from one of the wakeboard parks I go to, I thought it was only fitting that I try to swing by for a quick tasting.

I arrived into Matchbook’s small but very tidy tasting room, I was greeted with pumpkins and handsome bottles in the main room. I had previouslythought I was going to do a brief tasting and be on my way, but Adam-my server-showed me some excellent wines in addition to the main flight. I am a huge lover of Tempranillo and was not disappointed by their version grown right there in Dunnigan Hills. They also had a wine by the name of Tinto Rey that was excellent and their red blend called “The Arsonist” was solid as well. Curiously enough, this tasting room in the middle of northern California also had a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc which was super grapefruity and a little like guava. Quite delicious.

As you can see from the photos, Matchbook’s back patio was amazing. On this particular Sunday several groups of people were hanging out and enjoying the autumn sun. Unlike sometimes stuffy Napa, this winery encourages people to bring in their own food so they can have a picnic lunch. I was floored by the view from the gorgeous back patio of some of their 1200 plus acres of vineyards and the leaves were changing to a lovely reddish color so it really made for a spectacle.

While it is a bit of a hike to get to Matchbook, I would highly recommend making it a part of your trip to wine country. Yolo County is making some interesting wines that are not to be missed. Couple Matchbook Wines with visiting Winters to the south and you have yourself a great day. Oh, and they give out free matchbooks sometimes-definitely a cool touch. 😉

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  1. The Arsonist… I want one!

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