Reynolds Family Wines-A great find!

Hello Everyone!

This week the sun finally showed its shameless face to us mere mortals in the valley for the first time in several days. For those of you that don’t know, Napa has been getting pelted by rainstorm after rainstorm bringing even fewer tourists to the valley than I thought possible. I know that many other places have much more rain than we do here in Napa, but it’s darn hard for me to sell wine to soaking-wet guests who just battled Noah’s flood to get to the winery I work at. Oh well, first world problems I guess.

So I decided to take advantage of the sunny day outside and revisit a winery I had seen last week. I took a wine course that made us do a “secret shop” of a couple of different wineries here in the valley. Long story short, I visited Reynolds Family Winery and had a fantastic tasting with Tom-one of the Tasting Room Associates. He did so well I decided to go back and see the winery again-this time to take some photos and experience the property again.

This time I was served by another young man named Fabian who had a great amount of technical knowledge about the wines. He was helped by his boss Will who was a blast to chat with. Both men took me on a tour of the Reynolds wines and all of them were rock-solid. However, I was most impressed with the lush and chewy “The Quote” (a dynamite red blend), Persistence (their flagship product) and their juicy and delicious Merlot. I also had a decadent Pinot Noir that would go fantastic with a turkey dinner. Quite yummy indeed.

The outdoor seating area had a beautiful view of Atlas Peak, vineyards and a pond that is occasionally visited by river otters and beautiful migratory birds. Cheese and charcuterie plates are also available (be sure to mention it when you make your reservation). Fun fact: for their Reserve Cabernet (featured left in the photo of the three bottles) Reynolds actually pressed a mustard plant by hand for each label. It definitely makes the label pop out at you.

Overall, with super friendly service and quality wines, I would say Reynolds is a must-visit in the Napa Valley and it’s definitely worth a look at their website http://www.reynoldsfamilywinery.com. The tasting room felt super welcoming and the staff are fantastic. When you go, be sure to call a few days ahead as they are appointment only. Rain or shine, Reynolds Family Wines has great hospitality.

4 comments on “Reynolds Family Wines-A great find!

  1. Great review! Definitely interested in checking this out on my next trip.


  2. William Wright

    Thanks for stopping by Stuart! We loved having you and look forward to taking great care of your followers, friends or family that might stop by!


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