Cuvaison-Scenic and calm winery just outside of the town of Napa

Normally when people ask to see a view in Napa they usually go to a very crowded place up on a hill somewhere and hope that the fog/smog hasn’t rolled in. However, I decided to share with you, dear readers a winery that has a view most people don’t get to see too often. This chic winery named Cuvaison is just off Highway 12. It is super close to Napa but without the crowds that often make a joyous winery visit a mess. Not only was the view of the green hills spectacular, but there were hundreds of little yellow mustard plants swaying in the breeze between the vines. Definitely quite the spectacle.  I could just sit in a reclining chair and stare at that view all day long.

I had been to Cuvaison many years go and really enjoyed myself then, so I made an appointment with Teresa, the Tasting Room Manager. She could not have been more hospitable. She and my server Paul walked me through a few of their wines which comprised of a solid Chardonnay, a super ripe Pinot Noir (I had to walk out with that one), a nice cool weather Syrah and a not-too-bold-yet-still-fruity Cabernet Sauvignon. I was impressed with all the wines and the high level of service. As you can see in the photos, their tasting room features a lovely panorama of some of their estate vines and outdoor seating to see the grounds in all their glory.

If you come to Napa and want to taste some great wines, call a few days ahead (as they are by appointment) and book yourself a fun, much more calm and low-key experience at Cuvaison. You won’t be disappointed. 😀 Check them out at http://www.cuvaison.com.

2 comments on “Cuvaison-Scenic and calm winery just outside of the town of Napa

  1. Great photos! I enjoy your writing.


  2. Thank you! I still need to do work on getting it in front of more eyes though XD


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