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Colomé Torrontés! A refreshing spring sipper.

colome torrontes

So the other day I was feeling particularly bored after work and I had a bottle of wine in the wine fridge and I was like IT’S A WORK NIGHT AND I DON’T CARE (crack). Notice it was a “crack” and not a “pop”. Yes this wine was a screw cap and I couldn’t care less about what people think. Many excellent wines are now coming under screw cap and this Torrentés from Colomé in Argentina is no exception.

This Torrontés was particularly fun to drink. The smell of it actually reminded me of pear a little (and I love pear cider-go figure). It was almost effervescent in fact. Very refreshing. I had never had a Torrontes (or even a white wine at all) from Argentina so I thought this was a great way to take my first swing at it. You might find it online for about $12.99 a bottle (I think I paid about $15 for it at my local Raley’s). Overall this was a very solid wine for a very affordable price. I would rate this an 88/100 on Stuart’s Wine Scale-a very fun wine to drink.

And did I mention it’s a screw cap and life is just easier that way???

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