A step back into the past at Jessie’s Grove

Hi again everyone! So I am back on the blogging train and am going to try and bring you more beautiful photos (and heaven willing-beautiful words XD). For this week, I’ll chat a little about a fun winery I visited in Lodi – another up and coming wine region in the Central Valley of California. When I arrived at Jessie’s Grove Winery in Lodi, CA, I felt like I had jumped backwards in time. I was greeted by an incredibly bucolic, true farm that was definitely a world away from my native Los Angeles. Vines were already starting bud break and it definitely made for quite a spectacle (as you can see in the photos). This, I thought, was how Napa used to look 30 years ago.

The grounds were beautiful. Vines were planted in perfect rows around the entire winery with chickens roaming free around the grounds. There was even a little horse pasture right next to a full barn. What struck me most was the giant tortoise (about the size of a trash can lid) which was awesome to look at – but not to touch! Jessie’s Grove, I was told does a big wine and music event every year where people come from miles around to sit back in their lawn chairs enjoy some of their delicious wines. There’s even a specific area for dry camping (definitely made this winery unique as I haven’t seen that anywhere else). They also do a pancake breakfast for all the campers the next morning!

I just so happened to arrive on St. Patrick’s Day and was greeted with a little bit of green sparkling wine – definitely a fun sight to see (good thing I wore green that day). Inside the rustic tasting room I was helped by a very nice lady named Lindsey who walked me through some of their wines. As far as the wines went, the rare Carignane was fun as well as a Zinfandel made from 119 year old vines-definitely interesting.

Overall, Jessie’s Grove makes good wine and has a touch of country living super close to the town of Lodi making it a great place to visit on your next day trip!

Edited by Emily Phillips-Thank you! 😀

jessies barn

jessies pasture


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