One of Stuart’s favorites-Turkovich Family Wines

Hello again wine-os and travel enthusiasts! I know it has been a very long time since I last wrote but I plan to change that (seriously though) and I wanted to bring you another gem of the California wine scene: Turkovich Family Wines!

Turkovich Family Wines is a small grower and producer (about 5000 twelve bottle cases) of wine in beautiful/bucolic Yolo County just over the mountains to the east of Napa County. Their main tasting room is in the small but adorable town of Winters (one of my “happy places”) and most of the wine is from Yolo County specifically. Turkovich also does something that hardly anyone does anymore-their wine and cheese tastings are complimentary during the morning and early afternoon (which is totally awesome). When I arrived I found Tracy, the very nice manager putting up some lovely sunflowers that made me feel like summer had truly arrived. It was an excellent touch and went beautifully with the local artwork of Yolo County that adorns the walls (and are for sale as well-one day I’ll be able to get a nice painting from there).

Today, I was hankering for something a little different from the typical Cab/Merlot/Chardonnay paradigm, as I usually am. Fortunately for me, Turkovich had roughly twelve wines ranging from traditional Cabernet Sauvignon to more uncommon wines like Tempranillo and Grenache and I had my choice of any five. This was refreshing since in my home of Napa County wineries often only have one or two tasting flights of four wines (five if you’re lucky) set in stone. I steered mostly towards reds this time but I’ll list all the ones I tasted:

Albariño: a Spanish white varietal not commonly grown in California. It reminded me a little of lemon zest and had a pleasant, refreshing acidity.

Rosé: a lovely pink-very floral and bone dry.

Grenache/Syrah/Mouvédre: I tried their GSM (as such blends are commonly called) and found it a solid medium-bodied red. At $24 this is a great buy.

Mourvédre: another compelling medium-bodied red as well. Uncommon in California but usually grown in southeastern France (often in the Rhône Valley).


Barrel Select Tempranillo: this was Stuart’s Choice for sure. Tempranillo is a Spanish red varietal and has found a great home in Yolo County. It was a burst of flavor and reminded me of sun-dried fruit.

All of the little cheese bites I tasted were all excellent as well. However, I gravitated towards the Monterey Jack and the Cheddar was to die for.

Finally, I had a great time chatting with my server Alicia who was a gracious and fun hostess. That’s one thing you don’t always get in tasting rooms-good service. One can order their wines on the internet or over the phone and have them shipped (though I would call them and ask where and when they can ship as it is SO hot in California right now). In sum, Turkovich Family Wines is a well-deserved cornerstone of the up and coming Yolo County wine industry. And they should be-they make delicious products.

-With help/editing from Emily Phillips!

2 comments on “One of Stuart’s favorites-Turkovich Family Wines

  1. Thank you for the wonderful write up Stuart! We’re glad you had a good time with us. -Team Turkovich


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