GV Cellars-a review of a fun little winery near San Francisco

Okay, so I’m finally setting deadlines for myself as I need to have some structure in my current but glorious unemployed life. So check back every Monday and you’ll see a write up or photo of the wine lifestyle and adventures I go on here in Norcal. I have a bunch of content in the bag that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. In the short term, here’s a little write up I did for the city of Fairfield. Enjoy! 
Only about an hour away from San Francisco and about a half hour from Napa, Fairfield, CA is in a sweet spot for day trippers from the bay area and Sacramento. There are several good wineries out there but I wanted to focus on GV Cellars for you as they have solid wines and a fantastic view from their top deck.

GV Cellars outside

GV Cellars is a handsome, white-walled winery located to the west of Suisun Valley in Fairfield. The road I took to GV Cellars was one I had taken before but I had forgotten how remote it felt when I was only about 3 miles from a bustling suburb. This part of Fairfield is adorned with large farmhouses complete with big yards, miles of grapevines and golden, windswept hills dotted with trees. It was super-hot outside when I arrived so I made a beeline for the door. I was greeted by an adorable little black dog on the stairs leading up to the tasting room. He turned and led the way to the cozy and intimate small bar area that could accommodate about four people with wine bottles lining the opposite wall. I could tell GV was popular as more people followed me into the tasting room a few minutes later. My tasting was brief, but contained some interesting wines:

2015 Chardonnay-this one had good acidity. Interestingly, this Chard was not aged in oak barrels as is common around the state but this one was aged in stainless steel barrels so it was very refreshing. Almost like a Sauvignon Blanc or Albariño.

Sauvignon Blanc-traditional grapefruit/lemongrass aromas. Thirst-quenching and easy to drink.

Rose of Sangiovese- A good dry rose. I am always like to enjoy one on a hot day such as this.

Dolcetto- A smoky and fruity Italian red.

Cabernet Sauvignon: different style than the mouth-punchers of Napa but this one reminded me of plum and was soft and silky.


GV Cellars 3

As you can see from the photos, the upstairs deck was fantastic. Vines stretched out across the valley floor covering the earth in a lovely dark green fuzz. The silence on the back deck was golden and serene. Definitely a sight to dwell on for a little while. So come for the wine, stay for the views and get out and explore! This winery won’t disappoint!

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