An About Section Worth Reading

I’ll be real with you guys-I am a drop in the bucket. There are hundreds if not thousands of wine blogs out there. I mean SO many. Several of those sites are going to go into deep details about tasting notes or what flavors come from which soils and blah blah blah. This blog on the other hand is about the fun times I have in Napa and on occasion in northern California’s different wine countries. You will also get my opinions on many matters surrounding wine (how to taste, what wines to buy, which wineries to visit, etc.). And though I don’t like tooting my own horn, I do think you may get a chuckle or two out of my writing.

Though I’ll post mainly about wines I found interesting or little known wineries I visit, periodically you may just find photos of me wakeboarding. Heck, you may even see a video on wine from me every once in a while. I’ll also try to bring a little knowledge in easily digestible bites for so you can justify the 5 minutes you’ll spend on this blog. So drink up party people, Stuarts Wine Life is here to edu-tain!